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Casino Chip Values are provided for Free!"What Are My Casino Chips Worth" You Ask?
Are you one of the many lucky people who have inherited some casino chips from a relative? Maybe you came across some old chips at a yard sale ...Whatever the circumstance - you have the chips & now you are interested in finding the value of them. Look no further - You found the Experts!

There are a few ways for us to appraise your casino chips.

The Very Best Way: E-Mail us a scan or picture taken with a digital camera (or real camera)
A Good Way: Fax the Printed Scan or Xerox to us at (702) 472-3869.
An OK Way: E-mail us a description of the casino chips that you have.

Obviously, it is not very easy to judge your casino chips that well with just a e-mailed description of the chips. To many casino chip collectors - condition matters a great deal. Especially for the old & rare casino chips.

So, before you get ready to sell the chips to us, on Ebay, or just keep them - we can give you the knowledge you need to make a well informed decision as whether to sell or keep your casino chips.
In our many years dealing with Nevada & Las Vegas Casino Chips - we have seen many people get ripped off by unscrupulous pawn shop owners & others claiming to know about casino chips.
Don't be a Statistic - Know What You Have!
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This is a Free Casino Chip Appraisal Service offered by Pete Rizzo's Old Vegas Chips - Please do not feel obligated in any way, shape, or form, for this free appraisal. We will happily appraise a few chips for you. We can not appraise your entire collection - we have books for that ;)

The Fine Print... We can not be held responsible for any information given to you. We will give you the true going values - but like any collectible - it can go up or down in value anytime.

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