Lacquer Finish Wood & Brass 750 Poker Chip Case
This beautiful dark wood poker chip case is one of the finest cases we offer.
It is a deep dark stained wood and is very solid with all-wood construction with 1/2 inch thick pieces. The finish on this case is a brilliant, highly polished lacquered finish. Need a mirror? Use the Case!
The tray inside is removable, revealing a bottom layer that holds chips, playing cards and a dealer button.
The woodwork on the inside and outside is as fine as you would expect to have on a case as beautiful as this.
The sides & bottom are lined with soft black felt.
Lacquer Finish Wood & Brass Poker Chip Case
The hardware on this case is solid brass. One of my favorite features on this case is the key lock to keep your poker chips secured. The key itself is artistically crafted, and fits well with the decor.
It is an old style key made from solid brass with a tassel hanging from it.
This is a beautiful item as well as a fully functional chip case.
Your poker chip case comes with a black velvet-like dust cover that fits perfectly over the entire case. This will keep your case protected from scratches and dust.

The top rack in this case holds 450 chips and the bottom rack holds 300 chips. Total chip capacity is 750 chips. On the bottom there is enough space for 2 decks of cards and a dealer button for all your Texas Hold'em games. The case is 13 inches by 12.5 inches and stands 6.25 inches high when in the closed position.

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