Craps Dice Felt Layout
Give your game the Las Vegas look & feel with our Professional Casino Quality Craps Dice Felt Layout.
Measures 36" X 72"
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Craps Dice Felt Layout

$19 Each
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Craps is played with two dice, the person throwing the dice is know as the shooter. It is played on a long table with boards from one to two feet high surrounding the table.
The game is played in two stages, after the initial bets are placed the shooter throws the dice.
If a seven or eleven is thrown - that is a natural - and the throw is over. The players betting on the shooter win.
If two, three or twelve are thrown these are known as 'craps' and the bets on the shooter are lost.
If on the other hand the shooter rolls a four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten - this number is known as his point.
The point is marked with disc called the on/off puck.

The shooter then continues to throw until he either makes his point by rolling the number again, in which case bets on the shooter win, or thows a seven in which case bets on the shooter loose.

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