Excalibur Amphisbaena Dragon 2004 $5 Casino Chip
The Amphisbaena Dragon
is serpentile and has a long, skinny body with two heads - one at the tail and one at the neck. Sometimes the Amphisbaena is depicted with feathered wings, forelegs, and other limbs.
It is said that this creature can roll about either when when it grabs its own neck. And, if the two halfs are severed, they will rejoin as soon as possible. The creature can "go both ways" when rolling, but, obviously, not when walking.
It is written that if you wear a live amphisnaena, you can aid pregnancy.
If you wear one when the creature is dead, it will help rheumatism.
Some stories claim that when one is trying to lay eggs, one head will aways be awake, ready to ward off enemies.
Women with power were said to were a bracelet carved in the likeness of an Amphisbaena. This showed their powers and perhaps relates to the medical uses above.

Excalibur Amphisbaena Dragon 2004 $5 Casino Chip Excalibur Amphisbaena Dragon 2004 $5 Casino Chip

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