Excalibur Faerie Dragon 2004 $5 Casino Chip
Faerie Dragons are tiny dragons, that seem to be a strange relative of pseudodragons.
Faerie dragons are about one foot long and resemble miniature dragons with thin bodies, long, prehensile tails, gossamer butterfly wings, and huge smiles. Their colors range through the spectrum, changing as they age, from the red of a hatchling to the black of a great wyrm. The hides of females have a golden tinge that sparkles in the sunlight; males have a silver tinge. A faerie dragon can grow to three feet long.
They live in wild jungles and forests where they play harmless tricks and practical jokes on people. Faerie dragons are kind and their jokes are never meant to harm anyone, but one who is a victim of such a joke can find their self humiliated more greatly than any other time in their life. The faerie dragons may often take great amounts of time just to prepare one joke, they also often enlist the help of pixies and sprites. The pixies and sprites are often found with faerie dragons because they have so many things in common, like their love of practical jokes. Everything about a faerie dragon has to do with care-free enjoyment of life, even a breath weapon they employ that makes one want to just wander around feeling happy.

Excalibur Faerie Dragon 2004 $5 Casino Chip Excalibur Faerie Dragon 2004 $5 Casino Chip

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