The IMAX Ride Film at the Luxor Hotel

In Search of the Obelisk, The IMAX Theater at the Luxor Hotel The IMAX Theater at the Luxor Hotel Fun House Express, The IMAX Theater at the Luxor Hotel

If you're looking for some real excitement, Pharaoh's Pavilion offers an endless selection of entertainment choices. Take a trip "In Search Of The Obelisk" in Luxor's realistic motion simulator ride where you will visit the dig-site of a spectacular subterranean civilization. If suspense and terror excite your senses, be sure to visit Dracula's Castle.

"In Search of the Obelisk" recounts the events beginning in April 1992, when Luxor began construction. A spectacular subterranean civilization was discovered below the pyramid. "In Search of the Obelisk" brings the audience to the archaeological dig site to inspect the findings first hand. With evil forces lurking throughout the temple, the action adventure soon elevates into a high-speed chase, leading participants into vast, cavernous areas and parts unknown. Twists and turns are included in this experience sure to thrill and delight the audience.

Hop aboard the Fun House Express. Laughs and thrills await you as Jimmy the clown takes you on the wildest underground ride ever, through a spooky and crazy world of his own creation. This whimsical simulation film will captivate children of all ages. The innovative use of stop-motion animation (a technique never before employed in a simulation ride) makes Fun House Express a truly unique, and exciting experience.
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