The White Tiger Habitat at the Mirage Hotel

White Tiger Habitat at the Mirage Hotel

The open-air home of Siegfried & Roy's Royal White Tigers is available for public viewing throughout the day and evening. Siegfried & Roy have dedicated their lives to preserving these rare animals, and their efforts have helped save them from total extinction.

Unlike conventional tigers, which have black and gold markings, the white tiger is white with black stripes, pink paws and ice blue eyes. The purest of these animals are snow white and have no stripes. There are only a few dozen white tigers in the world, which makes them quite rare.

The Tiger Habitat contains many features designed to enhance the comfort of the animals and provide spectacular viewing for guests. The open-air environment features a swimming pool with fountains and simulated mountain terrain for the tigers' enjoyment and the public's entertainment. The facility's white setting gives the animals a sense of security by allowing them to blend into the background, and special slanted glass affords better viewing, eliminates glare and helps control the temperature.

The Royal White Tigers are rotated continuously in and out of the facility throughout the day. When not appearing in the Habitat, they enjoy their own spacious living environment and can be seen in the lush tropical environment of Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat.
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