The Cyber Speedway Rides at the Sahara Hotel

The Cyber Speedway Rides at the Sahara Hotel

At the NASCAR Cafe in the Sahara Hotel and Casino, car racing fans can turn their high-speed driving dreams into reality at the Cafe's 35,000-square foot Las Vegas Cyber Speedway.

Mounted on hydraulic bases, the Cyber Speedway cars, 7/8 the actual size of authentic stock cars, are equipped to provide the most realistic simulated race car driving experience available. The stock car simulators are outfitted with 10 adjustable performance parameters that drivers can customize their own needs including tire pressure, aerodynamic wing angles, horsepower, braking response, transmission torque, and suspension.

The realistic sight, sound and motion is achieved by a 20-foot, wrap around screen which projects an authentic visual replica of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway or a road course down the Las Vegas Strip.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday, Noon - 9:00pm
Friday, Noon - 10:00pm
Saturday, 11:00am - 10:00pm
Sunday, 11:00am - 9:00pm

Cyber-Speed Package (one ride on each attraction) $15.00
Cyber Speedway Ride Pass (one race) $10.00
Cyber Speedway Re-ride (one race) $ 6.00

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