SPEED - The Ride at the Sahara Hotel

SPEED - The Ride at the Sahara HotelSPEED - The Ride at the Sahara Hotel

SPEED -- The Ride is a state-of-the-art roller coaster launched from inside the NASCAR Cafe entertainment complex in the Sahara Hotel and Casino.

SPEED utilizes electromagnetic force to accelerate the coaster to top speeds almost instantaneously. SPEED begins inside the NASCAR Cafe, where an extraordinary force slingshots SPEED out of its launch site and over its first hill. A steep drop follows as passengers travel 25 feet below the surface through an underground tunnel before propelling them back above the ground and then through a breathtaking loop. The coaster then accelerates from 35 M.P.H. to its fastest speed of 70 M.P.H. in just 2 seconds, as it zips through the Sahara's 192-foot-tall marquee before curving around the porte-cochere and up a steep incline - - stopping 224 feet above the ground. SPEED then carries passengers through the same exhilarating path in reverse.

Single Coaster Ride $9.00
Coaster Ride Pass (all day) $12.00
All Day Attractions Ride Pass (cars and coaster) $17.95
Cyber-Speed Package (one ride on each attraction) $15.00

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