Wayne Newton at the Stardust Hotel
Wayne is a living legend & a must see Las Vegas show!

Wayne Newton at the Stardust Hotel, Wayne Newton Las Vegas Show
The incomparable Wayne Newton headlines at the Stardust 40 weeks a year!
Wayne broke all the hotels' records, and he has been synonymous with Las Vegas.
In 1994, Wayne performed his 25,000th show in Las Vegas alone. With the new millennium, Wayne signed one of the largest contracts in entertainment history with the Stardust Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. The contract calls for Wayne to perform 40 weeks a year, six shows a week, for the next 10 years at the newly renamed "Wayne Newton Theater." Of his new Stardust contract, Wayne commented, "This is the most exciting, productive and fulfilling time of my professional life, so far." The spectacular production of Wayne Live (which has brought him numerous "Entertainer of the Year" honors) has also coaxed reviewers and feature writers to tout it as 'The Las Vegas Experience.' Said Jim Greer in Spin magazine, "...his show is the standard by which I will henceforth judge each future concert of any genre. I'm not talking about campy or kitsch...I'm talking about full-blooded American entertainment.

Cost: $54.95 per person, plus tax
Show Times: 8 p.m., Saturday through Thursday

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