How to Clean Las Vegas Casino Chips

Keeping your casino chips clean and in pristine condition is essential for collectors and players alike. In this guide, we will discuss various methods to clean and restore the luster of your chips, provide tips to avoid damage, and share insights on maintaining their value. Get ready to boost your casino chip care game!

Choosing the Right Tools for Cleaning Chips

Soft-bristled toothbrush
A gentle toothbrush is an excellent tool for removing dirt and grime from chips without causing damage.

Pencil eraser
This can effectively remove scuffs and crud from old chips.

Baby toothbrush
A baby's toothbrush is even softer than a regular soft toothbrush and can be gentler on delicate chips.

Expert Cleaning for Valuable Chips

If you have very old or expensive chips, it is best to let professionals clean them to avoid accidental damage.

Top Cleaning Products for Casino Chips

Several cleaning products have been reported to yield good results when cleaning chips:

Mild dishwashing detergent
Armor All Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Sterling Magic
Fantastik (spray cleaner)
Amway's L.O.C. (Liquid Organic Cleaner)
These cleaners dissolve greasy deposits without removing ink or leeching moisture from the chips.


Cleaning Process for Various Types of Chips

Hot stamped chips
Avoid using a toothbrush on the hot stamp area. Instead, dab a little cleaner with your finger and gently wipe it off with a cloth.
Chipco, Paulson graphics BJ, and other durable designs
These can be cleaned with a soft children's toothbrush and window cleaner. Protect the hot stamps with your thumb while cleaning the mold designs.

Crest and seals
Clean with a 3M non-abrasive scouring pad or wet/dry sandpaper. Then, restore the color using Johnson & Johnson Baby Gel.

Restoring Luster and Shine

Baby oil bath
Soak chips in a bath of baby oil for an hour or so, turning them once, then wipe dry with a towel.

Mineral oil
Apply a very small amount of mineral oil to the chip after cleaning, then let the chip dry for 48 hours before storing.

Johnson & Johnson baby gel
This product can be used as an alternative to oil for restoring luster.

Dirty Casino Chip and Clean Casino Chip - Sterling Magic!
Before & After Using Sterling Magic!

How NOT to Clean Casino Chips: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Cleaning hot stamps with a toothbrush
This can cause damage to the hot stamp. Instead, gently rub the cleaner with your fingers.

Using abrasive materials
Avoid using abrasive tools or cleaners, as they can scratch and damage the chips.

Using steam
Steam can cause clay chips to soften and warp. Do not use steam for cleaning.

Washing machine with bleach and detergent
This method can severely damage chips and ruin the inlay.

Using a wire brush
A stiff wire brush can damage the intricate designs on chips. Refrain from using this tool, even for stubborn grime.

Applying excessive oil
Leaving chips soaked in mineral oil or other oils can cause discoloration or damage. Apply oil sparingly and remove it promptly with a paper towel.

Final Thoughts

Properly cleaning casino chips is crucial to maintain their condition and appearance. By using the appropriate tools and cleaning products, you can ensure that your chips remain in pristine condition for years to come. Remember to seek professional help for cleaning valuable or antique chips to prevent accidental damage.

Stay engaged with us to learn more about casino chip care, maintenance, and other useful tips. Share your experiences and insights with us, and let's continue the conversation about keeping your chips looking their best!