Here is a few more examples of casino chip molds.
Here are a couple more interesting casino chip molds. Thank you for checking them out.

Hat & Cane Mold Casino Chip

Hat & Cane Mold (Paul-son)
Pattern of 8 Top Hats & Canes around the chip rim.

Plain Mold Casino Chip

Plain Mold #1
This chip has a plain mold.

Plain Mold Casino Chip

Plain Mold #2
24 sliced grooves around chip rim.

Squares in Circles Mold Casino Chip

Squares in Circles Mold (Penn Specialty / Huxley)
16 squares inside 16 circles around the chip rim.

X's Mold Casino Chip

X's Mold
22 X's around the chip rim

Dots Mold Casino Chip

Dots Mold
25 Dots around the chip rim

Sunburst Mold Casino Chip

Sunburst Mold - (Blue Chip Co.)
8 Sunburst patterns around the chip rim

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