The casino chip mold is basically the mold type used to cast the chips.
There have been many different types of casino chip molds, and companies that make them, throughout the years. Some chip molds can have intricate designs, deep or slight engraving, plain, smooth, or a mix of all.

House Mold Casino Chip

House Mold (Paul-son)
The name of Casino is pressed into the rim of the chip.

Nevada Mold Casino Chip

Nevada Mold (Nevada Dice Co.)
Nevada is pressed into the rim of the chip.

Crest & Seal Casino Chip

Crest & Seal
These are plain molded chips.

Horseshoe Mold Casino Chip

Horseshoe Mold (T.K. Specialty)
Patterns of 16 Horseshoes around the chip rim.

Ewing Mold Casino Chip

Ewing Mold (Ewing Mfg. Co.)
Hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs, & dice around the rim.

Small Greek Key Casino Chip

Small Greek Key Mold (B.C. Wills & Co.)
Pattern of 30 Small Greek Keys around the chip rim.

Cord Mold Casino Chip

Cord Mold (O'Neil & Co.)
Pattern of a Small Cord around the chip rim.

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