A few examples of casino chip molds from Las Vegas Nevada.
Some casino chip collectors specialize in collecting certain types of chip molds. Crest & Seal are very popular, and Arrowdie molds seem to have many die hard collectors.

Rectangle Mold Casino Chip

Rectangle Mold (Western Club Supply)
Chip has 19 rectangles around the rim.

Hub Mold Casino Chip

Hub Mold (Mason & Co.)
Chip has 25 rectangular indentations around the rim.

Large Greek Key Mold Casino Chip

Large Greek Key Mold (B.C. Wills & Co.)
Chip has 15 large greek keys around the rim.

Diamond Mold Casino Chip

Diamond Mold (Jack Todd Co.)
Chip has 26 diamonds around the rim.

Large Crown Mold Casino Chip

Large Crown Mold (T.R. King & Co.)
Chip has 4 Large Crowns & 4 Dashes around the rim.

H.C.E. Mold Casino Chip

H.C.E. Mold (H.C. Edwards)
Chip has 8 H's around the rim.

Dice Swirl Mold Casino Chip

Dice Swirl Mold (Midwest Game Supply)
6 Dice with 6 Swirls around the chip rim.

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