Las Vegas Casino Chip Molds

Christy Jones Mold Casino Chip

Christy Jones Mold (Christy Jones)
Chip has 8 Shiny Hats & Canes around the rim.

T's Mold Casino Chip

T's Mold (Taylor & Co.)
Chip has 26 T's around the rim.

Small Crown Mold Casino Chip

Small Crown Mold (T.R. King)
Chip has 12 Small Crowns & 12 Dashes around the rim.

Diamond & Squares Mold Casino Chip

Diamond & Squares Mold (Caro & Fils)
Chip has 13 diamonds & 13 hub rectangles around the rim.

Triangles & Clubs Casino Chip

Triangles & Clubs (Gambler's Gen. Store)
Chip has Pattern of 12 triangles & 12 clubs around the rim.

G-N Mold Casino Chip

G-N Mold (T.R. King)
Has 5 Patterns of "G-N" and Swirl Lines

Hourglass Mold Casino Chip

Hourglass Mold (Rigdon & Co.)
Chip has 30 Hourglasses around the rim.

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