Rare and harder to find examples of casino chip molds.
Here are some very nice examples of harder to find chip molds desired by chip collectors.

Christy Jones Mold Casino Chip

Christy Jones Mold (Christy Jones)
Chip has 8 Shiny Hats & Canes around the rim.

T's Mold Casino Chip

T's Mold (Taylor & Co.)
Chip has 26 T's around the rim.

Small Crown Mold Casino Chip

Small Crown Mold (T.R. King)
Chip has 12 Small Crowns & 12 Dashes around the rim.

Diamond & Squares Mold Casino Chip

Diamond & Squares Mold (Caro & Fils)
Chip has 13 diamonds & 13 hub rectangles around the rim.

Triangles & Clubs Casino Chip

Triangles & Clubs (Gambler's Gen. Store)
Chip has Pattern of 12 triangles & 12 clubs around the rim.

G-N Mold Casino Chip

G-N Mold (T.R. King)
Has 5 Patterns of "G-N" and Swirl Lines

Hourglass Mold Casino Chip

Hourglass Mold (Rigdon & Co.)
Chip has 30 Hourglasses around the rim.

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