Different Types of Casino Chip Molds:
Bud Jones Casino Chip

Bud Jones (Bud Jones Co.)
These Chips are metal center, coated with plastic.

Roulette Mold Casino Chip

Roulette Mold (Paulson)
Chip has "Roulette" pressed into the rim.

Chipco Casino Chip

Chipco (Chipco Co.)
These chips are made from Porcelain.

Horse Head Left Casino Chip

Horse Head Left (Langworthy & Co.)
Chip has 16 Horse Heads facing Left around the rim.

Horse Head Right Casino Chip

Horse Head Right (Langworthy & Co.)
Chip has 16 Horse Heads facing Right around the rim.

Dice & Cards Mold Casino Chip

Dice & Cards Mold (Nevada Dice Co.)
Chip has 4 sets of Dice & Cards around rim.

Arrow & Dice Mold Casino Chip

Arrow & Dice Mold (Tommy Haines)
Pattern of 12 Arrows & 12 Dice around the chip rim.

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